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CACI International: Pioneers in Non-Invasive Beauty Solutions

With a two-decade heritage, CACI International, originally designed by Dr. Thomas Wing for Bells Palsy and Stroke patients, has become a beauty industry leader.

We supply over 10,000 top beauty salons, spas, and health clubs worldwide, making us the UK's largest non-invasive aesthetic treatment system manufacturer.

Our claim to fame? Creating the globally renowned CACI non-surgical facelift system, solidifying our role as industry innovators.

We continuously invest in research and development, delivering visible, non-surgical results with exclusive technologies. Our celebrity-favored treatments have generated immense demand.

Our extensive media coverage and the launch of our cutting-edge treatment systems set new standards in non-invasive technology.

Experience the future of aesthetics with state-of-the-art design and electronic advancements through CACI International's treatment systems.

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How it Works?

CACI Micro-Current: Natural Muscle Rejuvenation

CACI utilizes gentle micro-currents that mimic the body's natural bioelectrical field, effectively toning, lifting, and re-educating muscles to their youthful state.

This low-intensity current fosters gradual, long-lasting results, as opposed to high-intensity currents that merely induce temporary muscle contractions.

Muscle firmness is restored by flexing and extending the muscles, correcting both muscle and skin sagging. The treatment also enhances blood circulation, promoting improved muscle tone.

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