Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing

Tired of daily brow maintenance or dealing with sparse brows? Microblading is your solution.

The Consultation

Abi, our expert, begins with a detailed conversation to understand your desired look. Your input is vital, and we won't proceed until you're satisfied. Abi sketches your brows to perfection with a makeup pencil. It's a collaborative process, ensuring you're delighted with the outcome.

K.B Pro Brows: Microblading & More

We employ advanced microblading techniques, creating lifelike hair strokes. Pigments are gently applied, and any initial darkness will subside within a few weeks. The initial session, including design, takes 1.5-2 hours, yielding natural, highly defined brows. Opt for Ombré Brows or a combination of microblading and shading for a bespoke look.

The Retouch

Return in 4-6 weeks for a brief touch-up session to address any uneven healing. Variability in healing is normal, and we recommend this follow-up.

Experience the full 3-stage transformation for just £350, divided into three affordable instalments. Your perfect brows await!

A women showing off her eyebrows after microblading treatment.
Before and After for microblading treatment.
Before and After for microblading treatment.

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